Comprehensive tree service and care in Holmen, WI

Our team member working on stump grinding in Holmen, WI.

Stump grinding and tree removal

Trees can get sick and die, leaving their surroundings in a dangerous position, especially when a storm hits. It may need to be completely removed. Tree stumps left in the ground can be a safety hazard and should be removed. If not, they can start re-growing or even begin to rot. Our team at Dave's Tree Service is equipped to safely remove unwanted trees and stumps from your area. Contact us today to schedule your tree work. No stump is too big or small!
An arborist trimming shrub

Tree and shrub trimming

Whether it's emergency clean-up service after a storm or regularly scheduled tree and shrub trimming, we do it all. Our tree contractors are very knowledgeable about tree care, cabling, landscaping and yard maintenance. Trees need regular pruning and trimming to stay healthy and strong. When done so correctly, it will live longer and require less maintenance. Plus, it will be less of an eyesore and safety hazard. Let our professional arborist and team of certified tree maintenance your tress and keep them growing healthy for years.
Our team member performing tree evaluation

Tree evaluations and care

Trees can get sick and they can die if they are not properly cared for and maintained. If you have a tree that could use some help, contact our qualified arborist to evaluate its life expectancy and health, and how to treat it if it has a disease. We can also set up regular tree trimming, landscaping and shrub maintenance. Call us today to set up an appointment to diagnose your trees and schedule regular tree service.
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